Rate of return
7% per annum (AFRR (annual effective rate of return) from 7.2%)
Down payment
from 20%
Primary housing
The «7-20-25» program сonditions

Lending purpose Primary housing (residential property, to which ownership is registered for the first time when it is acquired from the developer, building owner, construction investor, local executive body or other legal entities selling housing on behalf of the developer, building owner, construction investor, local executive body).
Borrowing currency tenge (KZT)
Annual rate of return (fixed rate of return) 7% per annum
Primary contribution At least 20% of the marketable value of the housing
Maximum property value 25 million tenge for the Astana, Almaty, Aktau, Atyrau, Shymkent, 15 million tenge – for other regions
Maximum amount of the loan 80% of the marketable value of the housing
Loan terms up to 25 years
Fee Fee is not charged
* AFRR (annual effective rate of return) from 7.2% per annum

Program Requirements

    • The absence of housing on the Republic of Kazakhstan territory on right of ownership, confirmed by the cadastral register information, with the exception of:
      -availability of rooms in dormitories with a rentable area of less than 15 square meters for each family member
      – residential buildings in state of disrepair
    • No outstanding loan on housing mortgage loans
    • Refinancing of loans at the expense of the Program is not allowed (obtaining a housing mortgage loan by an individual for overpayment of a previously issued loan)
    • Co-borrower involvement is allowed. At the same time, the requirement of the program on the absence of housing and / or outstanding loan on housing mortgage loans does not apply to the co-borrower
    • The minimum income level is from 160,000 tenge for hired employees and 400,000 tenge for individual entrepreneurs
    • To obtain a loan under the Program, the borrower and co-borrower (if any) must have income from labor and (or) entrepreneurial activity, confirmed by one of the following documents:
      • employees – an extract of the unified accumulative pension fund from the individual pension account for the last six months;
      • servicemen and persons exempted from paying pension contributions – a certificate of income from the place of work for the last six months and a bank statement issued by the bank from the account to which the salary is received;
      • a tax return of an individual entrepreneur for the last 2 years with a bank statement on the account of an individual entrepreneur.

    Right of ownership must be registered only for the borrower

*Approved by the decision of the Asset and Liability Management Committee No. 30112020 dated 11/30/2020