Samsung Pay
Pay for your purchases in one touch with Visa cards from Altyn Bank

Samsung Pay allows you to pay one-touch with Altyn Bank's Visa cards at any terminal that accepts contactless payments worldwide


When you activate your card for Samsung Pay on your smartphone, the real card number is replaced with a special digital code ("token") to keep your data safe. Each purchase requires authorization by fingerprint or app password.


Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to launch Samsung Pay, confirm authorization with your fingerprint, and bring your Samsung smartphone to the payment terminal.


Compatible with most payment terminals: accepted for payment not only in places with contactless technology NFC (Near Field Communication), but also everywhere where you can make a purchase with an ordinary bank card.

How to connect?


Make sure that the software on your smartphone is updated to the latest version


Open the application by clicking on the


Enter the Samsung Acc ID


Choose a convenient method of identification for purchases – by fingerprint or app password


Accept the Samsung Pay user agreement


How do I add a map?


Open and launch Samsung Pay


Choose a convenient method of identification for purchases: by fingerprint or app password


To register the first card, click on the card symbol, for the next ones – “Add”.


Scan the card or enter the data manually. Click “Next.”


Accept the bank’s agreement



Enter the code you received via SMS and press “Send”.


Enter a signature with your finger or stylus and click “Done


Visa card added; a maximum of 10 bank cards can be added per device

Frequently Asked Questions
Which smartphones support Samsung Pay?
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (SM-G935F)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920F) – only NFC
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (SM-G925F) – only NFC
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ (SM-G928F)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note5 (SM-N920C)
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 (SM-A710F)
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 (SM-A510F)
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)
Can I add a card to Samsung Pay if the bank card itself is blocked?

To connect the card to the service, the bank card itself must be active.

How much does Samsung Pay cost?

This service is free for all customers, the commission for making purchases is also not charged.

Does the device need to be connected to the Internet to connect the card to the Samsung Pay service?

The device must be connected to the Internet to connect the card to the service.

Does the device have to be connected to the Internet to make a purchase?

You do not need Internet access on your device to make a purchase.

Are bonuses / miles / cash back when paying with a smartphone?

All bonuses are credited in full in the same way as when paying with a regular bank card.