Rapid money transfers in yuan (RMB (Renminbi)): new online service from the «Altyn Bank»

“The «Altyn Bank» has launched an online RMB money transfer service via the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) system. This feature is available in the «Altyn-i» service.

Now customers of the «Altyn-i» digital bank can send RNB online transfers through the mobile application at acceptable rates. The advantage of the «Altyn-i» international money transfer service is that the transfer fee is charged in a flat amount. The maximum fee is six thousand tenge, regardless of the transfer amount. It includes all fees of the correspondent banks, the beneficiary will receive the full amount of the transfer. The service is available 24/7.

The Holders of «UnionPay» payment cards from the «Altyn Bank» can make RNB transfers. Banking operation will take just a few minutes. To do this, you need to chose the «International Transfers» section in the «Altyn-i» digital bank and then specify the necessary details of the beneficiary and the amount.

The international «UnionPay» payment card from the «Altyn Bank» is also issued online in the «Altyn-i» digital bank. To become a customer, you need to install the mobile application, fill in the data specified in the system and go through a biometric verification.

In the «Cards» section, the client can choose the «UPI» (UnionPay International) payment card option: «Platinum» or «Diamond». The card will be delivered to the specified address within three days. It does not need to wait for a plastic card issuance to make a transfer. The client can refill the balance of the electronic equivalent of the card and send money.

The «Altyn-i» bank customers also have access to online transfers through the SWIFT system in other foreign currencies: euro, US dollar, pound sterling (GBR (libra pound)). Presently, SWIFT transfers are the most convenient and secure system for making international money transfers anywhere in the world.

«We continue to actively develop «Altyn-i» digital banking. Today, more than 100 online financial services are available to our customers, ranging from opening an account and issuing a card to sending an international money transfer or unsecured credit obtaining. Transfers in RMB are becoming very popular, so we promptly provided this feature to our customers. In the near future we plan to launch the RNB current accounts opening and add Canadian dollars (CAD) to the range of the international transfers», says Dinara Abdykulova, the Director of the «Altyn-i» Digital Bank Department.

Also, customers of «Altyn-i» digital bank have access to other convenient international transfer services: «MoneyGram» and «Zolotaya Korona» (Golden Crown). These payment systems allow making transfers without having information about the account number and other details, except for full name of the beneficiary, its phone number and city of residence. Additionally, the «Altyn-i» service provides an online service for crediting an incoming «MoneyGram» transfer”