Information for legal entities

“«If you are a client of the Bank:


For cash management services, please contact your personal corporate service manager by phone or send a request to

For other questions, please contact your personal Corporate Relationship Manager (RM) by phone or e-mail or send a request to

If you wish to apply for a deferred payment of principal and interest due to the introduction of the state of emergency in the Republic of Kazakhstan associated with the corona virus infection pandemic (COVID-19), you need to contact the Bank with a statement (in free format) reporting reasons for your appeal.
Your appeal will be considered by the Bank in accordance with Order of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Regulation and Development of the Financial Market No. 167 “On Approving the Procedure for Suspension of Payments of Principal Debt Amounts and Interest on Loans of the Population, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Affected as a result of the Emergency” (hereinafter referred to as the “”Order””) of March 26, 2020 subject to one of the following conditions:


1) Your company operates in industries in accordance with the annex to the Procedure;


2) The financial condition of your company has worsened, as evidenced by a decrease in the volume of goods and (or) services sold, delays, suspension, postponement (suspension) of payments from buyers, a reduction in the number of employees or for other objective reasons during the state of emergency. At the same time, the Bank reserves the right to request additional supporting documents.

Your Application will be considered within 10 business days from the date of its submission to the Bank.

If you need additional advice on this issue, please contact your personal Corporate Relationship Manager (RM) by phone or email.


If you want to become a client of a bank and are interested in:

Cash management services, please send a request to the email address –;
For lending, please send a request (message with contact details for feedback) to the email address – , a personal Corporate Relationship Manager (RM) will contact you.”