Important information!

Recently, the cases of false pretences have become more frequent. The Bank’s client is called by a number similar to the bank’s call center number. An illegal intruder presents itself as an employee of the bank’s call-centre or safety agency, and notifies about an authorized payment card operation. To cancel this operation, an illegal intruder proposes to tell the payment card details (number, term of validity, CVV/CVC-code and codes obtained from SMS-message).

Warning! The Bank’s employees never request such data. When talking to the client, the bank’s employee can ask to tell your full name, date of birth and every word specified in the agreement for card account opening. The Bank owns all the required information and under no circumstances makes calls, sends electronic letters and messages asking to tell codes, passwords, account numbers or payment card details.

In case of suspicious calls, we ask you to contact our call-centre using the following numbers +7 (727) 330-57-77, +7 (727) 35-65-777, order back call through personal account or send message to WhatsApp service using telephone number +7 (771) 330 57 77.

To warn and prevent from false pretences, Altyn Bank recommends to follow the following safety measures:

1. Do not give anybody information about the code (password) obtained from SMS message, also to the person presented as a Bank’s employee.

2. Do not specify unfamiliar mobile phone number as a confidential number (also when using a bank machine).

3. Do not give anybody information about the details of your payment card: number, term of validity and CVV/CVC (3-digit code on the reverse side of the card).

4. In case of suspicious calls (even telephone numbers similar to the numbers of the bank call center), immediately break the call and inform about this using the telephone number specified on the reverse side of the Bank’s payment card.

In case of transfer of card details and SMS codes to the third party, your funds can be stolen.