Arrears settlement

Conditions for granting the loan restructuring:

1.  What documents are required?

In order for the restructuring to be granted, it is necessary to send an application in any form, indicating the reason for the requested loan restructuring, attaching document (documents) confirming the circumstances that led to the deterioration of the financial position;

2.  How will the Bank consider the application?

Applications will be considered taking into account all the circumstances, so please provide the information about your current financial and social situation.

It can be done in the following ways:

The term for consideration of applications is 15 calendar days.

3.  Will remuneration be accrued during the grace period?

For the period of the granted restructuring, the Bank will accrue remuneration (calculated based on the nominal rate under the agreement).

If there is no confirmation of the fact of your financial position deterioration, the Bank may refuse to restructuring.

If you have any additional questions, please call the following contact number:

 +7 727 356 57 77  (after answering, press – 1)

Consequences of the borrower's failure to fulfill its obligations under a bank loan agreement

In accordance with the norms of the of the Republic of Kazakhstan Civil Code, the Republic of Kazakhstan Civil Procedure Code and the Agreement for a Full Package of Banking Services for Retail Clients of the The “Altyn Bank” Jsc (Joint Stock Company) ((Sb (Subsidiary Bank) of China Citic Bank Corporation Ltd. (Limited)), the Bank will take the following measures:

  • In relation to the Borrowers of the Bank who have violated their obligations to fulfill the Loan Agreement and the norms of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the pre-trial dispute resolution procedure will be applied by sending to the Borrowers a demand, and an arrears redemption notice.
  • In the absence of arrears redemption, in accordance with subparagraph 2) of paragraph 2 of Article 92-1 of the Act “On Notaries Public” of the Republic of Kazakhstan in relation to the Borrower, the Bank will send to the notary a relevant application for an enforcement inscription on the recovery of the amount of the overdue principal arrears, which the Bank will subsequently submit for enforcement to the Private Enforcement Officer. If the Borrower does not agree with the enforcement inscription, the borrower has the right, in accordance with the Act “On Notaries Public” of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to cancel the enforcement inscription by filing an objection addressed to the Notary who made the enforcement inscription.
  • In case of cancellation of the enforcement inscription, the Bank has the right to take legal action for the recovery of the Arrears with charging the court costs, including the state fee and costs associated with the proceedings in court, and other costs of the Bank at the expense of the Borrower, including execution upon property of the Borrower in the manner prescribed by the current legislation.

In addition, we inform that the Bank has the right to assign its rights and obligations under overdue Loan Agreements in accordance with the Package Agreement, or not contrary to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the transfer of any necessary information and documents on the Borrower and/or on the Loan to third parties, including Debt Collection Agencies.