Installment card

How to participate

Open a card
Open a new and / or have a card with Altyn Bank payment by installments
Pay for purchases using an Altyn Bank card with payment by installments from 01.03.2022 through 31.05.2022 in the amount of 5,000 KZT
Register checks
Upload receipts to the Telegram bot @AltynBankPromoBot until May 31, 2022

Registration of checks in the chatbot


Register a receipt received while paying
(POS terminal or electronic receipt),
using the @AltynBankPromoBot chatbot
*The number of registered checks is not limited

*If a receipt is uploaded more than once, duplicate receipts do not participate in the drawing.

Full promotion rules


Winner 1

Winner 2

Winner 3

Drawings dates

Drawing 1
before April 8, 2022 (receipts uploaded from 01.03.2022 through 31.03.2022)
Drawing 2
before May 13, 2022 (receipts uploaded from 01.03.2022 through 30.04.2022)
Drawing 3
before June 10, 2022 (receipts uploaded from 01.03.2022 through 31.05.2022)
The card issuance is available in digital format
The "Digital card" is the modern digital analogue of the standard plastic card: make transfers, make shopping online, add to mobile wallets ("Apple Pay", "Samsung Pay") to pay in shops

Issuing the card online in the “Altyn-i” app (application)
Cash withdrawal at ATMs (automatic teller machine)
Available currencies to choose from: KZT, USD, EUR
The “Digital card” can be issued in the form of a plastic card at any time. When a plastic card is issued, the card number remains unchanged.
In the “Altyn-i” personal account, the card data (CVC (Card Verification Code) code and the card number) can be sent by SMS upon request

Installment card is a profitable and easy way to buy on the Internet, in Kazakhstan stores and anywhere in the world.

Online access to card
Limit up to 5,000,000 tenge Effective interest rate from 0% to 56%
Installment plan up to 6 months
Online purchases by installments
Selecting of the installment amount
No commission for registration

How to open a card?

Install the mobile application Аltyn-i and register in the app.

In the section Finance , select open a credit card with payment by installments and follow the instructions on the screen.

Choose the delivery: courier service or Self Service Card Issue Kiosk Machine


Заявка не принята в обработку, в связи с несоответствием требованиям Банка по потребительскому кредиту физических лиц