Opening and maintenance of accounts

Remote financial management

Wide network of correspondent accounts

Promptness of payments transfers in Kazakhstani tenge and foreign currency

Currency control consultations

Bank accounts

Current accounts in tenge and foreign currency: US dollar, Euro, Russian ruble, British Pound, Chinese yuan, Swiss franc, Japanese yen and other currencies as agreed with Altyn Bank.

Savings accounts they have a flexible system of interest rates of remuneration depending on the type of currency, the amount and terms of the deposit for placing free liquidity in tenge and foreign currency.

Correspondent accounts with reliable foreign banks allow making payments in foreign currency in a short time.

Current account with conditional management or escrow-account to minimize risks and control the fulfillment of obligations under the contract, with the placement of money on the account. The release of money is carried out by the Bank under the conditions agreed between the parties (buyer, seller, Bank).

Transfers and payments

In tenge:

Payments in favor of the counterparties of the customer;

Free payments inside the bank;

Payment of pension and social payments;

Payment of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget.

In foreign currency:

The presence of correspondent relations with the largest banks in the world will allow the customer processing transactions in most world currencies.

Foreign exchange control

Sending documents through the remote banking service

Assigning a contract account number