Pay easy with Apple Pay
Altyn-i Mastercard/Visa cards are now in Apple devices

If you forgot wallet, and the cart is already full of purchases – no problem. Pay for payments with one touch of smartphone. Apple Pay works wherever there is one of these symbols.  

How to pay using Apple Pay?
For payment in stores
To pay with iPhone SE, 6 and newer, bring the iPhone to the terminal with your finger on the Touch ID. To pay with iPhone X, XR, XS, double-click on the power button, log in with Face ID, bring the phone to the terminal. For Apple Watch, double-click the side button.
For payment in applications or on sites
For payment in applications and on the Internet on iPhone and iPad, select Apple Pay as a payment method and put your finger on the Touch ID. On a Mac in Safari, select Apple Pay, and then complete your purchase on iPhone or on Apple Watch

How to add Altyn-i card to Apple Pay?


Update iOS to the latest version, open the Apple Wallet application and tap the “+” symbol

Learn Apple Wallet information

     Add the card number manually or take a picture of it using the camera of your iPhone

After the Bank checks the card, you will see the message Card is activated

To connect Apple Pay it is necessary

Apple device

Full list of devices with Apple Pay feature



Connect the Touch ID or Face ID feature on your device. Sign in to iCloud. Apple Wallet application


Altyn-I cards

Altyn-i Mastercard/Visa cards with Apple Pay support

Privacy and security
Your face and fingerprint cannot be faked, and the card and payment data remain secret
Card details are not stored in devices and are not transferred anywhere when paying

Open a debit or credit card Mastercard/Visa Altyn Bank