Altyn-i digital bank is switching to customer push notifications

“Altyn-i digital bank has changed the way of notifying customers. From now on the bank’s customers will receive push notifications about their completed banking operations.

What are the push notifications? These are pop-up windows on your mobile phone, containing all transactions on your bank accounts in the Altyn-i application.

Benefits of push notifications:

• Savings. While abroad, there is no need to pay for SMS messages in roaming. Push notifications are free.

• Security and protection of personal data of the client. The change in the notification system is associated with the further development of the security of the bank’s remote services and the reduction of fraud risks. Push notifications are stored in the Altyn-i application, access to which is protected by a password or biometric data of the phone owner.

• Independence from third-party communication channels.

• Speed. The client receives a push notification instantly.

• The most complete information. You can view the previously received notifications by opening the “My notifications” menu in your Altyn-i personal account.

Receiving push notifications is available upon confirmation of a trusted device. Each client is allowed to connect three devices. If you conduct a banking operation in your account on your personal computer, then confirmation codes will also be sent by push notifications to a confirmed mobile phone.

To connect a mobile device, you need to go to your Altyn-i personal account, open the “Settings” menu, then open the “My devices” tab.

Turn on push notifications to get timely information about all of your payments and transfers.”