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    • Welcome to “Altyn-i” Digital Bank!

    • Welcome to the ‘Altyn-I’! Digital BankThe “Altyn-i” is a full-fledged digital bank servicing individuals, which is the brand build by the “AltynBank” JSC (Joint Stock Company). The main advantages are the 24/7 availability of services , flexible conditions and innovative digital capabilities
    • It’s easy to become a client of the Bank online without visiting the branch!
    • Install the “Altyn-i” app (application) and get access to all digital products and services of the Bank: a digital card with free delivery, an installment card up to 5 000 000 tenge, an no collateral online loan up to 9 000 000 tenge, an online digital mortgage, payments, transfers and much more!

It is convenient

All the bank services and transactions (operations) are available online without queues and visits to bank branches


It is securely

Our app (application) has several levels of protection. Money and personal data of clients are securely protected


It is favorable

The "Altyn-i" is a new generation digital bank. Favorable terms and conditions for loans, deposits, transfers, debit cards and credit cards

Popular online products and services:

Digital card – online issuance of a digital card for free and ordering a plastic card with free delivery
An installment card – online issuance of a card with installments up to 5 000 000 tenge and up to 6 months for purchases anywhere in the world
The “Nomad Club” Card – an online issuance of a credit card or debit card for those who love to travel and fly frequently. Get points for every card purchase
Card for kids – online issuance of a card for your child with individual design to choose from and increased cashback
Online loan – up to 8 million tenge without collateral for any purpose in 5 minutes
Refinancing – a loan up to 8 million tenge without collateral, up to 3 loans. Consolidate your loans and pay less
Digital mortgage – online in the comfort of your home with review and approval from 3 minutes for finished and under construction property (real estate) from the Bank Partners
Online deposits and accounts – safe, flexible and convenient. 24/7 online deposit opening and management.
Online transfers – “Zolotaya Korona” (Glolden Crown), “MoneyGram”, SWIFT, between own accounts, by phone number, P2P (person-to-person) transfers, transfers in tenge within the Republic of Kazakhstan
Contactless payments – “Samsung Pay”, “Apple Pay”, “Visa Micro Tag” for “PayWave” contactless payment

Popular the "Altyn-i" online services:

Payment for services – all payments in your smartphone. Avoid long lines and pay for any services online
Independent issuance of credit cardsor debit cards through the “Altyn Bank” card vending machine
Currency exchange – currency conversion has never been so easy and convenient. From anywhere in the world, at any time
“Push” notifications – for all banking transactions (operations)
Cashback from each purchase from 0,5%

Register online in the “Altyn-i” app (application)

1.Install the “Altyn-i” app (application) for “Android” or “IOS” smartphones.
2.Click “Login/Register”
3.Enter your IIN (individual Identification Number) and read the Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions
4.Pass biometric verification
5.Fill in the personal data, enter the SMS password code and wait for the “PUSH” notification

Download mobile app (application)

Your banking services remote control Download for free to any device

Done! Welcome to the “Altyn-i” Digital Bank

Enjoy all the benefits of the “Altyn-i” Digital Bank Bank 24/7 around the world. Now you can issue a digital card for free and, if necessary, order a plastic card with free delivery to the “Altyn-i”

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