Altyn Bank announcement

“In 2016, the “”Altyn Bank”” JSC (Joined Stock Company) launched the first full-fledged digital bank “”Altyn-i”” in the Republic of Kazakhstan with a full range of financial services for retail clients. Our clients can use banking products and manage their finances at a convenient time for them and from anywhere in the world. The “”Altyn-i”” has no physical branches, and all services are provided online 24/7.

The “”Altyn-i”” digital bank operation differs from the operation of a traditional bank, in which the basis of the process is the physical interaction of the client with the manager. In the””Altyn-i”” digital bank, everything is based on a digital algorithm using mobile technologies, which allows to use banking services remotely.

The process of opening an account in the “”Altyn-i”” is identical for all clients without exception – this is a biometric identification of a person, which allows checking the legitimacy of a document and verifying it with the state databases. All clients are checked for presence in the “”Black Lists””, “”liveness””, and the Bank’s employees conduct video interviews, if necessary. Further, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Bank takes measures for clients due diligence before establishing a business relationship. Integration of databases of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international services makes it possible to carry out verification promptly. After that, the client can open accounts and use all the services of the bank. A mandatory requirement for opening a bank account in the Republic of Kazakhstan is the availability of IIN (Individual Identification Number).

The process of onboarding, verification and identity authentication of a client in the “”Altyn-i”” is carried out using innovative solutions that make it possible to perform all the necessary verifications in a few minutes.

Due to the increasing frequency of publications in the media and social networks of proposals for intermediary services to open accounts, the “”Altyn Bank”” informs that it does not cooperate with any organizations and individuals to provide such services. We do not recommend to provide any personal data, copies or original documents to any third parties. The bank does not charge any fees for registering and opening an account, the registration process with the “”Altyn-i”” digital bank is very simple and safe.”